Season 1: The Mouse Trap

Step into 'MoonPets: The Mouse Trap', an evolving game where you wake as Mouse in a mysterious realm. Fight for escape, unravel the enigma, train, and face challenges. Every choice you make steers your adventure in this immersive, thrilling world.

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Total Time running: ??.?? hours

Active Mouses: 51

Next Event: The Flight Manual

Welcome to MoonPets, where strategy meets adventure!

You play as Mouse. Your decisions shape your Pet's destiny, what it becomes, and where the story goes.

Elevate your experience: subscribe to CREEator's network to save your progress, use other characters, get Cookies and customize CREEations for your Pet. Join now, and master the game!

Play the web3/blockchain version by collecting an AGENT1 Mouse & connecting your wallet.

*MoonPets is a community-based, evolving game in alpha & active development. Expect things to change.